Creating the best access experience, ever

Our mission is to create the best access experience ever, increasing security, safety and compliance. With our tools, every individual is checked and approved before they visit the facility. Access can be easily granted by QR codes, Bluetooth scanning or facial autheentication.


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From idea to first customers

Whereas almost all security technology companies focus their research on incremental product innovation, Nine Engineering started with a blank slate. They based their initial research on their own experience and frustrations with the current processes. Together with their early customers they fine tuned their solution with iterative sessions. Special attention was given to compliancy (how to collect all data in a privacy compliant way), security (how to significantly improve the current RFID badge security problems) and safety (how to make sure that every individual on the site is verified and has completed the right trainings).

From first customers to scaling

Based on this research and iterative process, the company launched NineID® in 2021. The solution consists out of a SaaS platform where user data (ID documents, trainings, certificates) can be collected in a privacy compliant manner, before the person even enters the facility. Upon arrival, the NineID® XS1 hardware can give access to doors, barriers and gates based on facial authentication, QR code or smartphone scanning (all in one device). This combination ensures an end-to-end digital access flow with high security levels, without the necessity of having a physical person present.

In May 2022, Nine Engineering raised €1.1million to further expand their commercial growth.

The NineID® team in May 2022