NineID® Software

Collect everything, digitally

Collect identity documents, certificates, and training courses, before visits. No more on-site kiosk, physical enrolments or on-premise check-ins. With NineID® you send a simple invitation, collect all documents and centralise all information in one easy-to-use platform. Access and identification, made easy.

Step 1

Send digital invitations

Invite personnel, contractors and visitors to complete identity documents, certificates, and training courses. This customisable process can be done completely digital and remote. There's no need for paper or physical processing anymore.  

Step 2

Collect the information you need

The onboarding can include personal information, picture, ID, driver's license, certificates, safety briefings, e-learning courses, license plate, etc.

Step 3

Centralise all information

During the onboarding process users give explicit consent to process their information, in compliance with privacy legislations.

Step 4

All necessary data in one application

When your users need to show documents for audits, compliancy or supervision, all their data can be shown via one application.

Step 5

Track site activity and send notifications

Track users across your site and send safety notifications to individuals or groups who are active in specific areas.

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