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Discover all features NineID® has to offer to increase your compliancy, security and safety.




Digital access flows
Tablet check-app (with QR code)
Delegation flows (third parties that can invite their own user subset)
Access log reports
GPS localisation


Identity document collection
OCR identity document processing
Certificate document collection
Automated expiry notifications


Basic training module
Advanced training & qualification
Training & qualification insights
Unlimited trainings & forms


In-app notifications
SMS communication


Email support
Chat support
Phone support

The most versatile
access control
hardware, ever

Smartphone authentication

Grant access through QR-code or Bluetooth authentication.

Biometric authentication

Grant access through facial authentication, with the same unit.

CE and IP65 certified

All hardware units are CE and IP65 certified, maximising the versatility for your facility.

The optional access control hardware can be dynamically adjusted to accommodate the required security levels. Access may be granted through QR code scanning, smartphone verification or facial authentication, all with the same unit.