Identity Management

Collect every document you need

Collecting user identification, certificates, and training courses used to be a hassle. Not anymore. With NineID® you centralise all documents in one easy-to-use application. Being compliant was never this easy.

Send invites

Send invites to personnel, contractors and visitors. You can easily define which documents are needed per role. Each flow can be configured within the platform.

Collect data

Collect individual documents, certificates and trainings. Examples: ID documents, passports, driver's licenses, VCA, ADR, First Aid, security checklists, etc.

Centralise data

All individual documents, certificates and trainings are stored in the platform. This ensures that all data can be easily consulted during audits or compliancy checks.

All-in-one platform for identity management

Once you send an invitation, the user receives an email with the request to complete their profile. Within the application, they can easily upload all documents, following safety trainings and complete security checks. Once everything is completed, explicit consent is asked to share all data with the company, making sure that the entire process is GDPR & privacy compliant.

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