Smartphone access control made easy

Grant access to visitors, contractors and employees with a QR-code or Bluetooth. Physical access flows have never been this simple.

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Save 15+ minutes per onboarding

All necessary user identification documents, certificates, and training courses are collected beforehand, eliminating waiting queues upon arrival.

Increase efficiency by more than 150%

The time of merging multiple databases for training, identification and user documents is over. Manage all data in one centralised platform.

Ensure business continuity

Complying with regulations has never been easier. All data is logged centrally and can be easily exchanged, consulted and exported while having audits.

Easy integration with your existing access control system

There's no need for complex reconversions. You can easily integrate our readers with your existing access control platform. Experience the best access flows ever in the blink of an eye.

These companies already eliminated their waiting queues

Eliminate waiting queues, streamline administrative processes and ensure business continuity

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