Smartphone Access Control

Easy access through QR-code or Bluetooth

No more badge management. Next to collecting all visitor, employee and contractor data, you can also automate the check-in process. All visitors and contractors receive a unique QR-code for access. This QR code can be checked with our tablet application or with our access control module. This ensures a complete digital flow upon arrival, without any needed physical security steps in the process.

Send invite

Send digital access invitations to personnel, contractors and visitors. Upon data and training completion, they receive a QR code and Bluetooth credentials for access.

Grant access

Upon site arrival, personnel, contractors and visitors can use their QR code and Bluetooth credentials for access to buildings. Permissions depend on the given role.

Monitor access

All entrances and exits are logged in the NineID® platform, ensuring a complete access overview. Notifications are given for malicious access attempts.

All-in-one platform for smartphone access control

Get a complete overview of all entrances and exits per event, date or company. With NineID®, you are sure that everyone on your site has the necessary security clearance.

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