Visitor & Contractor Management

Collect everything, before a visit

Collect visitor & contractor identity documents, certificates, and training courses, before visits. No more on-site kiosk, physical enrolments or on-premise check-ins. With NineID® you send a simple invitation, collect all documents and centralise all information in one easy-to-use platform. Compliant visitor and contractor management was never this easy.

Send invites

Send invites to personnel, contractors and visitors. You can easily define which documents are needed for visitors and contractors. Each flow can be configured within the platform.

Collect data

Collect visitor and contractor documents, certificates and trainings. Examples: ID documents, passports, driver's licenses, VCA, ADR, First Aid, security checklists, etc.

Grant access

All visitor and contractor documents, certificates and trainings are stored in the platform. This ensures that all data can be easily consulted during audits or compliancy checks.

All-in-one platform for vistor and contractor management

Next to collecting all visitor and contractor documentation, you can also automate the check-in process. All visitors and contractors receive a unique QR-code for access. This QR-code can be checked with our tablet application or with our access control module. This ensures a complete digital flow, without any needed physical security steps in the process.

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