“In the past we had three different tools to collect and manage identity information, trainings and forms. Thanks to NineID®, we centralised everything in one easy-to-use application. This ensures a smooth process for administrative personnel, our employees and head contractors.”

Raymond Smeets

Head of HR & Training at LSB Groep

Identity Management


LSB Groep, founded in 1956, is a specialised company in scaffolding, insulation, fire prevention, painting works and rope access. They're one of the industry leaders in the Benelux. Their core values are Safety, Quality, Innovation, Sustainability and Trustworthiness.

NineGuard - site access control invitation


LSB Groep used to have three separate applications to manage identity information, trainings and forms. This led to:

  • Administrative overhead: copying and transferring information between systems
  • No general overview: it was very difficult to have a complete summary of an individual's onboarding and training status
  • Application overload: employees needed to be trained on a regular basis to handle three different applications
NineGuard - site access control onboarding


NineID® helped LSB Groep to centralise all employee information:

  • One application for employees: all employees can upload their identity documents, follow safety trainings and send forms within the same interface.
  • One centralised dashboard: LSB Groep can follow-up the expiry dates of documents, send new safety trainings and check forms in the same admin interface.
  • Delegation flows: LSB Groep can send information to head contractors, ensuring a smooth collaboration with their clients.
NineGuard - site access control monitoring

All-in-one platform for identity management

Once you send an invitation, the user receives an email with the request to complete their profile. Within the application, they can easily upload all documents, following safety trainings and complete security checks. Once everything is completed, explicit consent is asked to share all data with the company, making sure that the entire process is GDPR & privacy compliant.

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