“NineID® saves us a lot of time in onboarding our guests. It’s an innovative solution that matches perfectly with our tech campus. It's a top solution, a top team and a top service.”

Raf Degens

CEO at Corda Campus

Smartphone Access Control


Corda Campus is the pioneering tech campus in Belgium. Over 250 companies and 5000 people are based at Corda Campus, making it one of the largest business campus in Europe.Corda Incubator is the entrepreneurial heart of Corda Campus, where start-ups, scale-ups and investors are located. 

NineGuard - site access control invitation


As part of their offering, flex desks can be booked per day. Before the implementation of NineID®, the campus faced several challenges:

  • Visitor registrations could take up to 7 minutes
  • There was no pre-registration process required, which caused waiting queues, unpredictable desk occupancies and unscreened individuals
  • Issuing and reclaiming badges was an administrative hassle and could only take place during office hours
NineGuard - site access control onboarding


NineID® improved the visitor flow of Corda Incubator on several levels:

  • Visitor pre-registration via the NineID® application, reducing the administrative overhead from 7 minutes to 1 minute on average
  • Digital access based on smartphone recognition (no need for issuing physical badges anymore)
  • Flexible and remotely configurable access rights in- or outside office hours (no need to be present anymore)

NineGuard - site access control monitoring

All-in-one platform for smartphone access control

Get a complete overview of all entrances and exits per event, date or company. With NineID®, you are sure that everyone on your site has the necessary security clearance.

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