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We offer a  limited free visitor management platform specifically designed for industrial enterprises. This exclusive offer is available through an application process, ensuring that businesses can efficiently manage their visitor interactions while enhancing security and compliance.

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Simplify, secure and optimize With NineID

NineID is crafted for the complexities of contractor management in highly-regulated industries. No custom layers, no unnecessary bundles – just the specific solutions you need, seamlessly integrated into your existing setup. Fast, Flexible, Cost-effective and Secure.

Automate document collection

Collect all documents automatically, use AI powered cross-checks to ensure validity of the documents and enable digital signatures.

Shift administrative burdens

Cut down onboarding time with over 15 min per visitor by empowering regular visitors and contractors with self-onboarding.

Always be audit-ready and safe

Stay on-top with centralized, real-time and consistent data and automatic document expiry alerts.

Integrate and scale effortlessly

Seamlessly blend with your existing systems, scale across multiple sites, and tailor to your unique needs with our modular approach.

Why You Should Work With Us

Here's what you'll achieve:

Seamless Onboarding
Empower contractors with self-onboarding to save over 15 minutes per interaction. Offer tailored safety training in multiple languages, and automatically control access permissions.
Easy Document Collection
Automatically collect, validate and verify essential documents using OCR and AI-powered cross-checks. Use digital signatures to completely digitalize the process.
Streamlined Compliance
Be confident that everyone coming on site fulfils all necessary requirements. Easily provide all required documentation during an audit or inspection.

Let's quickly estimate the overhead at Alpro's frontdesk - before they started using NineID.

15,000 contractors
enter the premises annually.

x 5 to 15 minutes to onboard 1 contractor.

x 2 to count both the contractor's and the front desk worker's time.

= 2500 to 7500 hours per year, just at the front desk.

This translates to a staggering 1.2 to 3.6 FTEs based on a 40 hour workweek (without any holidays).

And that's only the tip of the iceberg, of course.

What happens before and after the check-in? Factor in the hours poured into sending invites, verifying documents, and tracking expiry dates—it’s a costly, time-consuming maze.

And how do you account for the possible fallout? Your business risks non-compliance, faces serious business continuity challenges, and your brand’s hard-earned reputation is on the line.

Why are you offering visitor management for free?

At NineID, we specialize in managing all types of external workforce, including contractors and suppliers. Visitor management is a straightforward process, so we want to offer it for free. By doing this, we aim to help organizations move away from inefficient paper logs and spreadsheets, ensuring a smoother, more secure experience for everyone visiting your facility.
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