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Smart processing

Documents are automatically processed through the integration of Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence.

Complete contractor management

Seamless communication lines between the company, contractor companies, and individual contractors, facilitating streamlined collaboration.

Privacy centric

The highest privacy regulation standards, including ISO 27701, and the recognition as a verified biometric processor.

External workforce management, focused on
safety, compliance and security.

A global compliance focus, providing a single tool that meets both global standards and local requirements, ensuring seamless compliance across diverse regulatory landscapes.
Ensure that all individuals entering your location have completed the necessary safety trainings and possess up-to-date certificates. Credentials are tracked and verified, providing timely notifications for renewals and additional required training.
Integrating NineID with your access control platform enables seamless tracking. When a certificate or document expires, access is automatically revoked, ensuring only compliant individuals can enter the premises.

Let's quickly estimate the overhead at Alpro's frontdesk - before they started using NineID.

15,000 contractors
enter the premises annually.

x 5 to 15 minutes to onboard 1 contractor.

x 2 to count both the contractor's and the front desk worker's time.

= 2500 to 7500 hours per year, just at the front desk.

This translates to a staggering 1.2 to 3.6 FTEs based on a 40 hour workweek (without any holidays).

And that's only the tip of the iceberg, of course.

What happens before and after the check-in? Factor in the hours poured into sending invites, verifying documents, and tracking expiry dates—it’s a costly, time-consuming maze.

And how do you account for the possible fallout? Your business risks non-compliance, faces serious business continuity challenges, and your brand’s hard-earned reputation is on the line.

Certifications & Awards.

Excellence isn't claimed, it's proven.

NineID has won the AIPC Innovation award.
NineID has won the Computable Tech Startup award 2023.
NineID has won the OSPA award 2022 in the category Outstanding New Security Product 2022.

Empower Compliance Across Every Location

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