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Why we've created NineID

Traditional registration flows are broken

A contractor manually collecting documents and certificates.
Enormous volume of email and phone traffic to obtain all necessary documentation.
Spreadsheets combining data from different sources increase manual workload and human errors.
Stored locally on a variety of systems
An employee manually processing visitor and contract compliance.
Manual document processing & identity check on site
Waste of time for everyone
15 – 45 minutes per onboarding.
Manual processing
Expiration dates and validity is processed by hand.
Manual document processing is prone to human errors
Individual data collection
All information from each person is collected individually
No central source of truth
All information is scattered on different systems 
Privacy concerns
Personal data is stored locally without consent specifications

Why we've created NineID

The average company wastes a lot of time & money

500 days/year wasted
Based upon an average onboarding of 15 minutes/individual on site for 15.000 individuals/year.
10.000 waiting hours/year
Based upon an average waiting & completion time on site of 40 minutes/individual for 15.000 individuals/year.
Up to €24.000 fine/violation
Based upon fines of social inspection per individual violation.

Let's quickly estimate the overhead at Alpro's frontdesk - before they started using NineID.

15,000 contractors
enter the premises annually.

x 5 to 15 minutes to onboard 1 contractor.

x 2 to count both the contractor's and the front desk worker's time.

= 2500 to 7500 hours per year, just at the front desk.

This translates to a staggering 1.2 to 3.6 FTEs based on a 40 hour workweek (without any holidays).

And that's only the tip of the iceberg, of course.

What happens before and after the check-in? Factor in the hours poured into sending invites, verifying documents, and tracking expiry dates—it’s a costly, time-consuming maze.

And how do you account for the possible fallout? Your business risks non-compliance, faces serious business continuity challenges, and your brand’s hard-earned reputation is on the line.

What does your current workflow cost?

Talk to one of our experts to estimate your current (hidden) overhead.

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Physical access, that keeps the pace.


We’re simple

Our innovative solutions are designed for effortless use, benefiting not only administrators but also individuals undergoing onboarding. With a strong focus on end-user experience, our technology streamlines processes, ensuring a secure, convenient, and user-friendly experience for all stakeholders.

We’re scalable

We seamlessly adapt to diverse countries and locations, offering a centralized, global perspective of all facilities. Wherever you are, we provide a unified view for streamlined security and access management. Your world, one integrated solution.

We’re on top of things

We have a Certified Data Protection Officer (DPO), certified Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO), certified Physical Security Professional (PSP), certified Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in house to keep up with your regulatory frameworks.

Access Management  Platform

Contractor Management

Visitor Management

Compliance Management

Identity Management

Business Continuity

Physical Access Control

Streamline access to your facilities while ensuring unparalleled safety, security and compliance.

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Biometric access control

Compliance Management Platform

Contractor Management

Maximise contractor efficiency and compliance with proactive tools.

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Visitor Management

Evolve to a cutting-edge, secure visitor experience. Leave the old ways behind.

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Compliance Management

Stay ahead with proactive compliance tools. Master regulations effortlessly.

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Identity Management

Fine-tune permissions, reinforce physical security, and achieve cost-savings via automation.

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Business Continuity

Forge ahead with robust access controls, real-time compliance insights, and risk prevention.

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Biometric access control

Transform security with touch-free facial recognition.

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Physical Access Control

Empower facility access with unmatched safety and compliance.

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Seamlessly integrate.

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Certifications & Awards.

Excellence isn't claimed, it's proven.

NineID has won the AIPC Innovation award.
NineID has won the Computable Tech Startup award 2023.
NineID has won the OSPA award 2022 in the category Outstanding New Security Product 2022.

Industry specific  by design.

We understand the nuances of your field.

a security guard on the airport.


A guard monitors the safety & security in a chemical facility.


A guard monitors the safety & security in a logistics facility.


A guard monitors the safety & security in an airport.


A guard monitors the safety & security in an oil & gas facility.

Oil & gas

A guard monitors the safety & security in a corporate setting.


Empower Security Across Every Location

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