"Digital pre-registration and biometrics conform to ever-tightening port and ISPS regulations."

Dirk Van den Berghe
IT Systems Engineer, PSA Breakbulk

Reinventing Port Security in the Age of Digitalization

PSA Breakbulk, a leading steel and general cargo handler in the Port of Antwerp and a subsidiary of PSA, one of the world's foremost container terminal operators, is confronting escalating challenges. With tightening port regulations, directives from the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) code, and the vulnerabilities associated with traditional badges and PIN codes, there is an urgent need to revamp their security infrastructure. Ensuring swift, accurate, and secure access for workers and visitors is critical in upholding the company's reputation and operational efficiency.

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Ushering a Future-Proof Security Approach

PSA Breakbulk is on a quest to implement a solution that not only satisfies stringent regulatory demands but also provides an impregnable, cutting-edge access control system. The focus is on a platform that can manage digital pre-registration and biometric verification, ensuring that only authorized individuals can enter the terminal. This system must efficiently collect and validate identity documents, such as work permits and training certificates, while guaranteeing maximum security and precision.

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Collaborative Transformation with NineID

PSA Breakbulk has partnered with NineID in a strategic initiative to digitize and fortify their security protocols. Utilizing NineID's platform, individuals are prompted to scan their identity cards and capture a selfie. An AI-driven comparison then verifies a match between the two, granting access to verified individuals. In instances of mismatches, a manual review process is conducted. On-site, two-factor authentication, including a biometric facial scan, is deployed, ensuring a robust security process in line with strict port and ISPS regulations.

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Setting a New Benchmark in Port Security

With the adoption of NineID's platform, PSA Breakbulk has not only aligned with current security regulations but has also set a new precedent in port security. This tech-centric strategy has enhanced the terminal's security framework, significantly mitigating risks and facilitating swift and secure access. Dirk van den Berghe, a key figure at PSA Breakbulk, has underscored the transformative effect of this collaboration, noting the precision, efficiency, and dependability that the NineID platform introduces to their operations. Through this innovative partnership, PSA Breakbulk and NineID are jointly navigating a new direction, rendering ports safer, smarter, and more streamlined.

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