NineID saves us a lot of time, and we are sure all contractors are 100% compliant. 

Florian Dumont
Facility Expert

Global Leader Operating from Belgium

TVH, a global leader in the distribution of parts for forklifts, industrial vehicles, construction, and agricultural machinery, has a substantial presence worldwide with 90 branches and a workforce of around 5000 employees. Headquartered in Waregem, Belgium, TVH oversees ten sites across Belgium and Europe. The company is renowned for its state-of-the-art facility, which has received awards for its innovative design and serves as an experience center for customers, suppliers, and visitors. The facility team, comprising about 40 members, manages a daily influx of approximately 50 visitors, including 30 contractors, in addition to their regular staff.

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The Challenge: Managing Contractor Registration at TVH

TVH faced significant time loss in contractor onboarding, with 20 to 25 minutes spent per contractor. Early morning queues caused dissatisfaction among contractors and additional costs for TVH. To ensure compliance, the company relied on error-prone and time-consuming manual processes. Therefore, TVH aimed to to eradicate time waste by equipping visitors and contractors with the right access permissions, documents, certificates, and training swiftly and efficiently, bypassing tedious manual procedures.

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Implementing NineID

TVH implemented a unified flow with NinelD, sending emails in advance for contractors to complete documents, contact details, and training. Decentralized sites are equipped with tablets for contractors to check-in and out using QR codes. Tailored training ensures comprehension, and automatic reminders keep contractors and employees up to date with necessary training and documents.

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Enhanced Efficiency and Compliance

By optimizing and largely automating contractor onboarding processes, TVH has recovered around 8,000 hours, enhancing productivity and satisfaction across the board.

The new system guarantees full compliance with all internal and external regulations, significantly reducing manual oversight and the potential for human error.

Contractors now experience a hassle-free check-in and check-out process, leading to higher satisfaction and compliance with legal requirements.

NineGuard - site access control monitoring

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