"NineID seamlessly fulfils the high security requirements that we set."

Marije Bouwman
Deputy General Manager, Director of Operations, Safety & Security World Forum The Hague

The most secure event location worldwide

World Forum The Hague, a premier international conference venue, is strategically positioned between the dynamic city center and the serene beach, offering a unique blend of multifunctional auditoriums, breakout rooms, and expansive exhibition areas. With the capacity to host up to 5,000 visitors and a commitment to personalized experiences, the venue's exclusivity allows for custom branding opportunities. Their challenge is significant: to uphold their international acclaim for hosting secure events while continuously adapting to meet the escalating requirements of Safety & Security.

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Seeking a New Safety Benchmark

The management is determined to reinforce World Forum The Hague's status as the most secure event venue in the world. They aim to streamline access, enforce rigorous security checks, and seamlessly gather essential information such as training records, permits, IDs, and certifications from everyone entering the premises. The task is to implement a comprehensive system that guarantees total peace of mind for guests, teams, suppliers, and all stakeholders involved.

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Embracing Innovation

In the quest for unparalleled safety standards, World Forum The Hague has embarked on an innovative partnership with NineID. This advanced security platform fulfills every criterion on their list. It meticulously collects critical data from visitors, contractors, and employees before their visit. Once verified, individuals are granted access to the building through cutting-edge methods, including biometric facial recognition, QR code scanning, or mobile authentication. This sophisticated solution not only ensures security but also redefines convenience.

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The New Norm in Event Security

The adoption of NineID's platform has elevated World Forum The Hague to become the first conference venue globally to reach such a zenith of security. The risk of unauthorized access has been significantly reduced, reinforcing their status as a paragon of event safety. Marije Bouwman, Deputy General Manager, has expressed that with NineID, they are not only enhancing security but also facilitating faster and more efficient incident responses. This partnership has heralded a new era of event safety, with NineID and World Forum The Hague jointly leading a paradigm shift in the industry's safety and security standards.

Epilogue: A Celebrated Achievement

In recognition of their commitment to innovation and safety, World Forum The Hague, in collaboration with NineID, has secured the prestigious AIPC Innovation Award 2023. Bestowed by the International Association of Convention Centers (AIPC), this award highlights groundbreaking initiatives within the congress and events sector. The fundamental principle of Safety & Security at World Forum The Hague, strengthened by their alliance with NineID, has set a new security benchmark for event venues worldwide—a landmark that underscores their mutual pursuit of excellence.

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