"NineID is the ideal solution to manage our contractors."

Nick Van Maele
Site Service Manager at Alpro

Streamlining Contractor Onboarding at Alpro

Alpro, a global leader in the plant-based sector, operates a vast 14-hectare production hub in Wevelgem, Belgium, employing close to 800 people and annually hosting 15,000 contractors.

As a company in a highly regulated industry, Alpro must ensure that every individual on-site consistently adheres to all compliance requirements. This is a vital factor for maintaining their high standards and providing swift, hassle-free documentation during audits or inspections, a key concern for businesses navigating similar regulatory landscapes.

However, the reality of managing contractor entry at Alpro significantly compounds this challenge. With the vast number of contractors, the registration process becomes a logistical bottleneck. Contractors often experience waiting times ranging from 5 to 15 minutes. This not only leads to long queues at entry points but also impacts overall efficiency, straining the administration and potentially compromising both compliance and safety standards.

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Simplifying Contractor Onboarding

Alpro's objective is to streamline the contractor onboarding process, aiming to cut down waiting times for contractors and Alpro's staff alike. This enhancement not only ensures contractors swiftly pass through security checks, complying with necessary protocols, but also allows Alpro's employees to focus more efficiently on their primary tasks.

The goal is a more efficient process overall, not only facilitating a quicker start for contractors but also enhancing staff productivity. This efficiency translates into tangible financial benefits, as Alpro reduces costs associated with contractor waiting times. Simultaneously, it serves as effective risk management, safeguarding against business disruptions and ensuring smoother operational continuity.

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Implementing NineID's Solution

Alpro revolutionizes contractor management with NineID:

  • OCR for Document Validation: Contractors upload IDs and documents, which are automatically validated through integrated OCR software.
  • Digital Signatures: Speedy digital signing of documents reduces paperwork.
  • Centralized Database: A comprehensive database manages contractor details, permissions, and document expiry.
  • Automated Reminders: The system sends alerts for expiring documents, ensuring compliance.
  • Emergency Preparedness: In emergencies, readily available attendance lists aid in quick response.
  • Efficient Security Checks: Security personnel use NineID for quick verification of entrants.
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Elevating Efficiency and Compliance

The deployment of NineID at Alpro markedly streamlines contractor onboarding. The streamlined onboarding process eliminates up to 7,500 hours previously lost to waiting times and related administrative tasks each year, marking a substantial operational improvement. This newfound efficiency accelerates the entire entry procedure and lightens Alpro's staff workload, enabling them to dedicate their time to core duties and boosting overall productivity.

In Alpro’s highly regulated industry, NineID significantly enhances compliance and safety standards. The system ensures that all contractors meet stringent requirements, vital in maintaining the high standards expected in such a regulatory environment. The ease of generating and accessing documentation for audits and inspections underlines this compliance improvement, aligning with Alpro’s commitment to rigorous safety and legal standards.

NineID’s flexibility in tailoring to the specific needs of a highly compliant business is a key advantage. The system's user-friendly interface simplifies tasks for both Alpro employees and security personnel. This customization not only meets Alpro’s unique operational requirements but also ensures that the system is easily navigable, aiding in quick adoption and efficient daily use.

The financial benefits are substantial. By significantly reducing waiting times, Alpro lowers the costs associated with contractor delays. Additionally, the system’s robustness and efficiency contribute to diminished risks in business continuity. In emergency situations, the ability to swiftly manage and respond to on-site needs highlights the system's role in bolstering business resilience, safeguarding against potential operational disruptions.

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