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Visitor Management Software.

✅ Automate Document Collection And Validation
✅ Manage Visitors At Scale
✅ Be Sure Everyone Coming On-Site Is Compliant
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⚡️ Automate Document Flows

We combine OCR, AI cross-checks and digital signatures to ensure that every document is accurately collected, recognized, validated, and verified. This way, you leave no room for manual errors and enhance your operational efficiency.
Save Time And Reduce Human Error
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🌟 Manage Visitors At Scale

Use one single dashboard to manage multiple locations and all type of visitors, documents, and access permissions. Set and revoke access permissions on group level and empower suppliers with self-onboarding without losing oversight of safety, security and compiance requirements.
Meet Unique Visitor Needs At Scale
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Be Sure Everyone Is Compliant

Get automated alerts for expiring trainings and documents, and maintain a secure log of all access changes. Stay audit-ready & secure at all times by centralizing all access permissions, documents and change histories in one central hub.
Always Be Audit-Ready
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How does it work?

1. Send Digital Invitations
Invite personnel, contractors, and visitors with automated, digital flows —all remotely, with no paper trail.
2. Auto-Collect Documentation
Automatically collect and validate ID proofs, driver's licenses, certificates, safety training completions, license plates, and  more.
3. Follow-Up With Ease
Oversee on-site compliance from one dashboard. Make exports for audits, change access permissions, and much more.

Let's quickly estimate the overhead at Alpro's frontdesk - before they started using NineID.

15,000 contractors
enter the premises annually.

x 5 to 15 minutes to onboard 1 contractor.

x 2 to count both the contractor's and the front desk worker's time.

= 2500 to 7500 hours per year, just at the front desk.

This translates to a staggering 1.2 to 3.6 FTEs based on a 40 hour workweek (without any holidays).

And that's only the tip of the iceberg, of course.

What happens before and after the check-in? Factor in the hours poured into sending invites, verifying documents, and tracking expiry dates—it’s a costly, time-consuming maze.

And how do you account for the possible fallout? Your business risks non-compliance, faces serious business continuity challenges, and your brand’s hard-earned reputation is on the line.

Don't Take Our Word For It

What our clients say:

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What our clients say...

Conform to ever-tightening regulations.

Digital pre-registration and biometrics conform to ever-tightening port and ISPS regulations.

Dirk Van den Berghe

IT Systems Engineer @ PSA

We optimize more than
8,000 hours every year.

NineID saves us a lot of time, and we are assured that all visitors are fully compliant with legal requirements.

Florian Dumont

Facility Expert @ TVH

The ideal solution to manage our contractors.

NineID enables easy access to the site. During an audit or an inspection, we can easily provide all required documentation.

Nick Van Maele

Site Service Manager @ Alpro

Ready to enable easy access to your site
AND make sure everyone is always compliant?

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