Enable Easy Entry for Visitors, AND
Stay Safe, Secure and Compliant.

✅ Use AI to Collect and Validate Visitor Documentation Before Arrival.
✅ Manage Multiple Locations From 1 Dashboard.
✅ Always know who’s on-site, and quickly evacuate in case of an emergency
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We enhance visitor management for industry leaders.

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⚡️ Automate How You Collect Docs

We use AI to collect, recognize, validate and verify every document. In the centralized hub, you can look at the AI recommendations, double-check documents and make overwrites if needed.

🌟 1 Dashboard To Manage All Visitors

Manage multiple locations and all type of visitors, documents, and access permissions from 1 single dashboard. Use group settings to easily revoke and access permissions for similar types of visitors or empower suppliers with self-onboarding - without comprimising on security, compliance or safety.

Everyone Is Safe & Compliant

You'll know at all times who is on-site, you can access every realtime or historical record of every visitor and get automated alerts when training or documents expire. In case of an audit of inspection, you simply export all needed records and logs with the click of a button. In case of an emergency, you can easily notify people on-site and evacuate if needed.

Why NineID?

What our clients say...

Conform to ever-tightening regulations.

Digital pre-registration and biometrics conform to ever-tightening port and ISPS regulations.

Dirk Van den Berghe

IT Systems Engineer @ PSA

We optimize more than
8,000 hours every year.

NineID saves us a lot of time, and we are assured that all visitors are fully compliant with legal requirements.

Florian Dumont

Facility Expert @ TVH

The ideal solution to manage our contractors.

NineID enables easy access to the site. During an audit or an inspection, we can easily provide all required documentation.

Nick Van Maele

Site Service Manager @ Alpro

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