Celebrating Excellence: A Second Consecutive Award Win for NineID and World Forum The Hague

Dive into our award-winning partnership with World Forum The Hague and discover the innovation behind our OSPA wins!
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The Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs) is a prestigious event that recognizes and celebrates the best in the security industry. It's an evening where the industry's finest come together to honor those who have made significant contributions to the security sector. This year, we are thrilled to announce that NineID and World Forum The Hague have been recognized for their outstanding partnership in the realm of security.

In 2022, NineID was awarded the OSPA for the Outstanding New Security Product. This year, the partnership between NineID and World Forum The Hague has been honored with the Outstanding Security Partnership Award. This back-to-back recognition is a testament to our commitment to excellence, innovation, and collaboration in the security industry.

But that's not all. Earlier this year, World Forum The Hague and NineID had already been awarded the AIPC Innovation Award. Given by the International Association of Convention Centers, this award is all about fresh, effective ideas in the events world. Together with World Forum The Hague, we've introduced new ways to manage event security, from smarter registration processes to using the latest tech for access control. It's about making things smoother for guests while keeping everything locked down tight.

Marije Bouwman from World Forum The Hague summed it up well:

“Safety and security have always been our top priority. We are delighted that our collaboration with NineID has resulted in a new security standard that can guide other event venues. It is a recognition of our dedication to innovation and creating a safe environment for our visitors and partners.”

Marije Bouwman, Deputy General Manager and Director of Operations, Safety & Security at World Forum The Hague

Roy Jeunen from NineID added:

"It's great to see our hard work getting noticed. We're all about helping places like World Forum The Hague be as safe as they can be."

Roy Jeunen, Co-Founder of NineID

The winners of the 2023 Benelux OSPAs

A complete overview of the winners of the 2023 Benelux OSPAs:

  • Outstanding Security Manager/Director: Berndt Rif, MSc, MBA, Council for the Judiciary (de Rechtspraak)
  • Outstanding Security Team: Umicore Security Team
  • Outstanding New Security Product: FROC (Facial Recognition on Card) – Secure Logistics B.V.
  • Outstanding Police/Law Enforcement Initiative: Group-IB Investigation Team
  • Outstanding Young Security Professional: Merijn Van Gool, De Nederlandsche Bank
  • Outstanding Security Training Initiative: Academy
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Hendrik Vanderkimpen

Each of these winners has significantly impacted the Benelux security industry. Their work has raised the bar and motivated many, both inside and outside the sector.

Speaking of raising the bar, it's worth noting that Hendrik Vanderkimpen, who handed us the award last year, has been honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award this year. Hendrik's journey in the security sector, from his early exceptional performance with the Belgian national railway company to his roles in various international security associations, is truly commendable. His dedication to sharing knowledge and empowering others is an inspiration to us all.

Partnership with World Forum The Hague

Our partnership with World Forum The Hague is rooted in a shared goal of creating a safer and more secure event environment. We aim to be more than just a provider of access control systems; we believe in collaboration to craft the ideal solution. Our mission is to guarantee the most compliant and secure access flows. Last year, our flagship solution, NineID, was lauded for its capacity to streamline access to high-risk areas without sacrificing security. This year, our collaboration with World Forum The Hague has earned praise for its role in elevating event safety standards. Such acknowledgments drive us to persistently innovate and excel.

Description of the Partnership and Its Benefits:

World Forum's adoption of NineID's platform, marking its debut in the event location sector, has solidified its reputation as the most secure event venue globally. Previously, NineID primarily catered to sectors like logistics, aviation, maritime, and the (petro)chemical industry. This meant that both parties had to engage in intensive collaboration to reshape security and safety protocols for event access flows. This partnership has ushered in several significant advantages:

a. Enhanced Access Flows: Together, we've ensured compliance, safety, and security by adeptly managing data related to visitors, contractors, and employees, including training, IDs, licenses, certificates, and more. Once an individual is verified, they gain access to the venue through biometric facial authentication, QR code scans, or mobile phone verification. This efficient access process curtails the chances of unauthorized entries, ensuring a secure environment for all attendees.

b. Improved Risk Management: Our combined efforts have enabled World Forum to proactively pinpoint and counter potential security threats. We've jointly reimagined strategies for early detection and prevention of access-related risks, ensuring the venue and its stakeholders remain protected.

c. Efficiency and Operational Excellence: The seamless integration of NineID's platform with World Forum’s security infrastructure has optimized operational efficiency. By cutting down on manual processes and automating data management, World Forum's security personnel can now concentrate on vital tasks. This has led to smoother event operations and a more enriched experience for visitors.

For a comprehensive understanding of how we implemented our solutions with World Forum The Hague, read the complete use case here.

Gratitude and Forward Momentum

We want to send a big congratulations to all the 2023 OSPAs winners and finalists. Your hard work shines brightly, setting a high standard in the security industry. A special thanks to the OSPAs for creating a space where excellence in security is celebrated and recognized.

A shout-out to our team, partners, and clients: your continuous support and trust have been the backbone of our success. As we mark this achievement, our dedication to advancing the security industry remains unwavering.

For any discussions on access solutions or other security matters, we're always here. Together, let's work towards an even safer future for everyone!

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