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Document verification software: Enhance Your Compliance With Our New Feature

Discover how our new feature automates the collection, recognition, validation and verification of visitor documents.
Frederik Keysers

65% of risk and compliance professionals are turning to technology to automate manual processes, significantly reducing the complexity and cost of risk and compliance management (according to a 2023 Thomson Reuters Risk & Compliance Survey Report).  The good news: this isn't just wishful thinking – the technology exists, is affordable and reliable. We know, because we've successfully implemented it for countless clients. (reach out if you want a case study)
Today I’m happy to announce that we have made an additional step forward in automating manual compliance and risk management processes. Let me tell you about our new feature: automated document recognition, validation and verification. 

In this post, I’ll explain why we think automated document verification is important and how it can help you.

Know-your-customer for visitor management, or why we’ve built this new technology

Why did we decide to build this software?  In short: because our clients asked us to. 
Up-till-now, if companies wanted to make sure everyone coming on-site is compliant, they had to rely on (sometimes a combination of):

  • Time-consuming and costly, manual checks by employees or an external partner to verify & validate contractors and the documents they submit,
  • (Not so reliant) Databases for which both contractors and hiring companies have to pay. 

Resulting in a ton of stresses and risks faced by EHS and security leaders, facility, plant, and site managers, and the like. 

Do you recognise these negative feedback loops:

  • Time-consuming manual checks, 
  • Scattered data, 
  • GDPR and privacy concerns around said data, 
  • Increasing probability of human errors, 
  • Related high costs of errors, 
  • Reputation risks related to errors, 
  • Low pace of business because of compliance checks, 
  • That dark feeling in the stomach when thinking about a possible business disruption like in that other business you know,
  • And much more.

If you’re in a regulated business, and you’re responsible for security, safety and/or compliance of people coming on-site, I’m sure you can relate. Meanwhile, know-your-customer technology is making headlines in the financial sector - so why is it not possible for visitor management? It is, but nobody took the time to build it. Until now.

What to expect: Meet Your Overachieving Personal Assistant for Document Verification

Our new software uses AI and machine learning to increase safety and security and decrease your administrative burdens. It functions a bit like an overachieving personal assistant, who 

  1. Digitally collects and recognizes document types using AI, improving the speed and accuracy of data entry, 
  2. Analyzes discrepancies across documents to check consistency (pictures, names, social security number, and much more) and flag potential errors for human review,
  3. Cross-checks all documents and information within those documents against external, reliable databases,
  4. Succinctly reports to you what’s found, what’s missing and what’s suspicious.

After all the checks, you can have a quick look at the findings, and decide to make manual overwrites if needed. On average, this takes you about 15 seconds. No system can provide 100% certainty, but combining the brute force of machine learning and expert human oversight, we are pretty confident that we can significantly improve your safety, security, operational efficiency and compliance.

Let me clarify what the document verification software does with 2 examples:

Example 1: 

Contractor Max comes in to fix a broken light in a restricted area. He (digitally) submits a contract and some Identification, Social Security and VCA documents. Our software can assure you that all documents are valid and has also cross-checked the information with different external databases. The system tells you there’s only 1 discrepancy… The contractor is called ‘Max’ in the contract he signed with your company, but all official documents talk about ‘Maxwell’. No harm done, right? You decide to let it slide, or you adapt the contracts to use Max’s official name. Your call. It takes one click.

Example 2: 

Now let me introduce Joanne to you. She’s coming in to fix that other light in that other restricted area. Everything in Joanne’s documents seems fine, but: the biometric check does not pan out. Like everyone else, she had to take a selfie when uploading the documents, and this selfie does not match the picture on her driver’s licence nor the one on her ID card. I’m hoping your judgement call is to not let this one slide so easily and take a better look…

These are just 2 use cases, but I hope you get the general idea.

With the integration of our digital flows and secure visitor access management solutions, you're better equipped to facilitate easy access while enhancing compliance, security, and safety measures. Our system, powered by advanced AI and machine learning, supports continuous improvements in accuracy and efficiency, but like all automated systems, it complements rather than replaces vigilant human oversight.

Now let’s get a bit more detailed!

Features: a deeper look

We’ve defined the requirements and developed the features based on the demands of industry leaders in Food Production, Logistics, Maritime Operations, Oil&Gas, Utilities, and more. That’s why we know they respond to the challenges faced on the field - and most probably also yours.

Let me summarise the most important features - just reach out if you need more detail:

  • Automated Document Collection: You can use automated digital flows to collect all documents from visitors before they arrive on your premises.

  • Document Recognition and Validation: Our software automatically recognises the type of documents that are submitted, like: IDs, Drivers’ licences, social security documents, VCA documents, you name it, and checks if the document is valid.

  • Smart Error Detection: We check if all information across the uploaded documents is consistent, and if there are any discrepancies.

  • Cross-checking In External Databases: We automatically check if the information contained in the documents corresponds with the information found in external, reliable, official databases.

  • Biometric check: Every visitor needs to take a selfie, this picture will be cross-matched with all portraits on the documents. (for your information: we are an officially recognised biometric provider, one of only 2 in Belgium)

  • Customizability: Our software recognises a huge amount of document types, but if you have specific needs that we don’t cover yet: talk with us - our developers are up for the challenge.

  • Expiration notifications: Our system will automatically notify you if the expiration date for certain documents is getting close.

  • 1 single document hub: We centralize all documents into one central hub, timestamped and GDPR-proof.

  • 1 single dashboard: Manage all visitors from one dashboard (revoke or grant access, check compliance, check access logs in realtime, notify everyone on-site in case of an emergency, etc.)

  • Access and Change Logs: You can easily see document upload dates, when permissions have changed, who was on premise when, etc.

Tl;dv: Conclusion

We’ve built a document verification system in collaboration with industry leaders in order to respond to real problems in the field. After countless improvement cycles we’re ready to release it to the great public. 

For businesses in regulated sectors, ensuring on-site compliance is paramount. Our technology aims to streamline the verification of documents and all types of visitors, thereby reducing the time you spend on manual processes. By leveraging AI and machine learning, our system acts like a diligent assistant that not only collects and recognizes documents but also rigorously checks them against trusted databases. This provides you with a clear and actionable overview of any discrepancies, allowing you to make well-informed decisions quickly.

Here's why our system might be a critical addition to your operations:

  • Enhanced Compliance: Our system ensures that all documents are not only current and valid but also rigorously checked for expiration dates and authenticity. It provides timestamped audit logs as proof of due diligence, enhancing your compliance posture and readiness for regulatory scrutiny.

  • Audit Readiness: All documents are centralized within a single hub, making audit and access logs readily accessible at a click. This setup ensures you're always prepared for audits.

  • Error Reduction: Automated checks minimize human errors, enhancing the reliability of your compliance checks.

  • Proactive Notifications: You'll receive alerts before documents or contracts expire, helping you maintain continuous compliance.

  • Significant Time Savings: Streamline the process of collecting and analyzing visitor documentation without compromising on thoroughness.

If you want to talk to one of our experts and check if we’re a good fit for your challenges, please fill out the form below. 

And that’s all.. Stay safe and compliant, folks!

Frederik Keysers

Co-founder & Co-CEO

About the author:

Frederik, as the co-founder and co-CEO of NineID, is at the helm of product innovation, shaping the company's future with keen foresight and a hands-on approach. The impetus for NineID stemmed from his first-hand experience with the cumbersome process of site access—waiting in lines, going through several security layers, and relying on easily misplaced RFID badges. Motivated to streamline this process, Frederik has been pivotal in transforming site entry with agile, cutting-edge technology.