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Key Features of Effective Visitor Management Systems

An in-depth look at the key features and benefits of Visitor Management Systems (VMS)
Flip Vermeersch

In the dynamic realm of business, managing the flow of people through your premises is a critical task. Visitor Management Systems (VMS) offer a powerful solution to ensure safety, efficiency, and security. With advanced features, a VMS can transform the way businesses handle visitors, from the moment they step in to the time they leave.

Before implementing a VMS, it's crucial for businesses to assess their specific needs. This involves considering factors like compliance, efficiency, safety, security, and business continuity. Each business has unique requirements; for some, compliance with regulatory standards might be paramount, while for others, streamlining visitor onboarding for efficiency could be the focus.

Another critical aspect is the volume of visitors and the time spent in managing them. For instance, if onboarding a single visitor takes approximately 15 minutes and your premises welcome around 10 visitors daily, this equates to a loss of 2.5 hours per day solely in visitor management. This time could be significantly leveraged for more productive tasks. The situation escalates with larger numbers; handling 100 external visitors a day would mean 25 hours spent in just managing visitors, indicating a substantial investment of time and resources. Check our Alpro use case for a more detailed look.

Such insights highlight the importance of a VMS that not only caters to your specific needs but also scales according to the volume of visitors, ensuring seamless operations without compromising on security or compliance.

That being said, here are essential features that make an effective VMS:

Pre-Registration of Visitors

Streamlined Experience: Utilizing web-based systems or apps, visitors can be pre-registered for a swift, hassle-free check-in upon arrival.

Enhanced Security: Pre-registration ensures all security measures, including safety training and document collection, are completed in advance.

Document Scanning & E-Signing

Efficient Validation: Modern VMS employ Optical Character Recognition for quick scanning and validation of IDs, licenses, and crucial documents.

Legal Compliance: E-signing features for NDAs and other documents ensure compliance before entry, safeguarding your organization's legal interests.

Streamlined On-Site Check-in

Self Service: Self-sign-in kiosks or tablets empower visitors, reduce wait times, and free up front-desk staff to focus on personal interaction.

Flexible Registration: Walk-in visitors can register on-site, with systems smartly pulling data from previous visits or scanned IDs for accuracy and speed.

Role-Based Permissions

Targeted Access: Assign permissions based on roles and tasks, ensuring visitors access only necessary areas.

Example Use: A contractor working in the utility area can be restricted access only to that area during specific hours, managed effortlessly with a few clicks.

Health and Safety Training

Safety First: Offer health and safety screenings or training, crucial for protocol adherence.

Industry Compliance: Particularly vital for regulated sectors, VMS can be tailored to include multilingual screenings and trainings to meet diverse regulatory needs.

A contractor completes a safety questionnaire prior to checking into the facility.

Host Notifications

Notifications for the host: Automated notifications to hosts via email, SMS, or apps ensure timely meetups.

Security Monitoring: Instant alerts for any unusual or critical events keep security tight.

Easy Evacuation

Quick Lists: Access attendance lists instantly for emergencies.

Emergency Alerts: Rapidly notify all present individuals of emergencies, enhancing safety protocols. Read more about emergency mustering.

A visitor at the facility receives an evacuation alert on their mobile device.

Badge Printing

Personalized badges: Print custom badges with visitors' photos for easy identification and branding, but keep in mind the many flaws of RFID badges.

Watchlist Checks

Security: Automated checks against watchlists ensure a secure environment, alerting staff about any matches. An example of a watchlist a tool could integrate with is Interpol's Red Notice.

Visitor Logs

Transparent Auditing: Maintain real-time and historical logs for audits.

Insightful Analytics: Analyze visitor data for operational insights and improvements.

Work-Time Tracking: Monitor working hours of contractors and employees for accurate record-keeping.


In summary, a comprehensive Visitor Management System is integral to modern business operations. It not only bolsters security and safety but also streamlines the entire visitor management process, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and a professional visitor experience. These systems have evolved from a luxury to a necessity, adeptly handling the complexities of visitor dynamics in today's business environment.

For highly regulated businesses, features like safety notifications and audit trails are especially critical. They ensure compliance with industry standards and provide indispensable tools for managing risk and maintaining operational integrity. These aspects of a VMS are not just beneficial but essential for businesses in sectors where regulatory compliance is non-negotiable.

Moreover, the utility of a feature like pre-registration transcends company size and type. While it is undoubtedly useful and enhances the experience for every visitor, its value is exponentially greater for larger companies with a high volume of external visitors. In such environments, pre-registration significantly cuts down on overhead and reduces the administrative burden associated with managing a large number of visitors. It streamlines processes, saves valuable time, and contributes to a more efficient and organized operation, making it an invaluable feature for busy enterprises.

As always, the specific needs of your company dictate the tool you need. Talk to one of our experts to assert your needs and make a business case. Their insights and expertise will help you identify the most suitable Visitor Management System, tailored to the unique demands and workflows of your business, ensuring that you invest in a solution that truly aligns with your operational goals and requirements.

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