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Touchless Visitor Management

Embracing the future: Seamless Security and Customized Safety for Every Guest
Flip Vermeersch

With the rise of digital transformation and the ever-increasing emphasis on efficiency, safety, compliance and security, 'touchless visitor management' has emerged as an essential solution for modern businesses and public facilities. Gone are the days when sign-in sheets and physical badges were the norms. Today, we're stepping into a world where safety, efficiency, and technology converge to create seamless, touch-free visitor experiences. Let's delve into what touchless visitor management is and why it's the future of workspace and facility management.

What is Touchless Visitor Management?

Touchless visitor management refers to a system that manages the entry and tracking of guests, contractors, and employees within a facility without requiring physical contact. These systems utilize advanced technologies like QR codes, facial recognition, mobile apps, and automatic sensors to streamline the process of visitor check-ins, enhance security, and minimize physical touchpoints.

The Benefits of Touchless Visitor Management

  • Increased Efficiency and Convenience: Automated check-ins save time and reduce queues. Visitors can pre-register, receive QR codes on their smartphones, and check in swiftly upon arrival.
  • Improved Security: Digital systems provide real-time tracking and enhanced control over who enters and exits the premises. This increased oversight is critical for sensitive or high-security areas.
  • Compliance and Data Accuracy: Digital visitor logs are more accurate and easier to manage. They also aid in compliance with various privacy and safety regulations.
  • Enhanced Health and Safety: Touchless visitor management systems can bolster safety by mandating personalized safety training during the check-in process. This ensures visitors are well-versed in relevant safety protocols, promoting a secure environment for all.
  • Eco-Friendly: By eliminating the need for paper badges and sign-in sheets, touchless systems are a more sustainable option.

Implementing Touchless Visitor Management

Adopting a touchless system involves several steps:

  • Selecting the Right Technology: Choose a system that integrates seamlessly with your existing security infrastructure and meets your specific needs.
  • Training Staff and Visitors: Ensure that both employees and visitors are familiar with the new system for a smooth transition.
  • Regular Updates and Maintenance: Keep the software updated to ensure optimal performance and security.

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The Future is Touchless: the TVH and NineID example

Touchless visitor management is not just a trend; it's a forward-thinking approach to safety, efficiency, and modernization. As we adapt to new norms, these systems will become integral to maintaining secure, healthy, and efficient workspaces and public facilities.

Let’s look at an example: 

At the heart of the industrial vehicle parts sector, TVH has revolutionized its contractor management by integrating a touchless system with NineID. Facing a staggering 8,000 hours lost annually due to time-consuming manual onboarding processes, TVH sought a solution to streamline their workflow and ensure compliance within their global operations. NineID provided a seamless and scalable solution, reclaiming thousands of hours, enhancing productivity, and meeting rigorous compliance demands without fail.

The system's touchless nature has not only accelerated the onboarding of contractors but has also provided a framework for ensuring all legal requirements are met consistently. With a simple scan of a QR code, contractors can check in and out, access necessary documentation, and complete required training with ease. This digitization of processes has slashed early morning queues, eradicated additional costs associated with time waste, and significantly reduced the manual oversight previously required. The operational efficiency gained is evident in the smooth flow of personnel and the satisfaction reported by contractors, who now enjoy a hassle-free interaction with the company's onboarding system.

Strategically, TVH's adoption of NineID's touchless system serves as a blueprint for other facilities looking to optimize operations while maintaining stringent compliance standards. The success of this integration is a clear indicator of the system's potential scalability and the tangible benefits it can deliver across various industries.

As TVH continues to reap the benefits of this technological advancement, the company looks forward to expanding the application of NineID to other sites, aiming to set a new standard for contractor management in the industry. This case study exemplifies the strategic advantage of adopting touchless systems and the transformative impact they can have on a company's operational efficacy and compliance adherence. Discover the full TVH case study here.


The shift to touchless visitor management systems represents a significant step towards a more digital, efficient, and safe world. By embracing these technologies, organizations can ensure a better experience for their visitors while maintaining high standards of health and security.

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