Optimal and secure access flows for maritime companies

Collect visitor identity documents, certificates, and training courses, before visits. No more on-site kiosk, physical enrolments or on-premise check-ins. With NineID® you send a simple invitation, collect all documents and centralise all information in one easy-to-use platform.

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Save 15+ minutes per onboarding

All necessary user identification documents, certificates, and training courses are collected beforehand, eliminating waiting queues upon arrival.

Increase efficiency by more than 150%

The time of merging multiple databases for training, identification and user documents is over. Manage all data in one centralised platform.

Ensure business continuity

Complying with regulations, such as ISPS, has never been easier. All data is logged centrally and can be easily exchanged, consulted and exported when having audits.

Digitalise the complete check-in process

After completing all information, visitors receive a unique QR-code for access, that can be scanned upon arrival. This can also be integrated with a label printer to print visual identifiers. This ensures a complete digital flow, without any needed physical security steps in the process.

These companies already eliminated their waiting queues

Eliminate waiting queues, streamline administrative processes and ensure business continuity

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