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Effortless Entry

Streamlined, yet fortified security measures.


Flawless Visitor Checks

Eliminate risks of RFID badges, tailgating, and manual errors, assuring only the right personnel gain entry.

True Zero Trust Framework

Always validate, never assume. Enhance security with continuous verification processes.

Oversee From Anywhere

Grant, modify, or revoke access rights remotely, maintaining control no matter your location.

Trust Through Privacy

Safeguarding identities, ensuring compliance.


Assured Regulatory Adherence

Stay compliant confidently with recognised certifications and periodic assessments.

End-to-End Data Safeguard

Top-tier encryption techniques ensure personal data remains uncompromised.

Meet Global and Local Standards

Easily fulfill regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and BIPA, ensuring compliance.

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Blend & Expand

Integrate easily. Scale effortlessly.


Seamless integration

Integrate biometric measures with your existing access controls for a unified system.

Always-on Cloud Access

Benefit from a cloud-based architecture that's available whenever you need it.

Borderless Expansions

Scale across multiple locations internationally with standardized security protocols.

Empower Compliance Across Every Location

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Frequently asked questions

Your doubts, answered.

What is Biometric Access Control?

Biometric access control is a security system that uses unique biological characteristics, like fingerprints, facial features, and iris scans, to authenticate and grant access to individuals.

How Does a Biometric Access Control System Work?

It captures biometric data (e.g., fingerprints, facial features) and matches it against a stored database to verify an individual's identity before granting access.

What Types of Biometric Identification Are Available?

Common types include fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, iris scanning, and palm vein identification.

What are the Key Benefits of Biometric Access Control for Buildings?

Increased security, accuracy in authentication, convenience, reduced physical touchpoints, and integration with other security systems.

How Secure Are Biometric Access Control Systems Compared to Traditional Methods?

Biometric systems offer enhanced security due to the unique nature of individual biometrics, making them harder to replicate or steal than traditional keycards or codes.

Are There Privacy and GDPR Compliance Issues with Biometric Systems?

Yes, biometric data is sensitive and is covered under GDPR and other privacy laws. Compliance involves secure data storage and processing, and obtaining user consent. NineID has been officially recognized for providing Biometric Access Control.

Can Biometric Authentication Be Fooled or Compromised?

While generally secure, biometric systems can potentially be fooled by high-quality replicas or spoofing techniques, but advancements in technology are continually improving security.

Is Biometric Access Control Cost-Effective?

While initial costs can be higher, biometric systems can be cost-effective in the long term due to reduced management of physical access tokens and enhanced security reducing potential breach costs.

How Reliable is Biometric Authentication?

It is highly reliable, especially in systems that use advanced recognition technology and multi-factor authentication, though factors like injuries or lighting can affect accuracy.

Can I Integrate Biometric Devices with an Existing Access Control System?

Yes, many biometric devices can be integrated with NineID, offering enhanced security without the need for a complete overhaul.

What Applications Are Suitable for Biometric Access Control?

It's used in high-security areas, time attendance systems, and general access control in commercial, government, and healthcare sectors.

Where Is the Biometric Data Stored and How Is It Protected?

Data is stored in a secure, encrypted database. Protection measures include limiting access, regular audits, and compliance with data protection laws.

Where Can I Find Technical Documentation and Installation Guides?

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Florian Dumont
NineID saves us a lot of time, and we are sure all contractors are 100% compliant. 
Florian Dumont
Facility Expert
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Nick Van Maele
"NineID is the ideal solution to manage our contractors."
Nick Van Maele
Site Service Manager at Alpro
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Ready for a transformative access solution?

Empower security across every location.

Dirk Van den Berghe
"Digital pre-registration and biometrics conform to ever-tightening port and ISPS regulations."
Dirk Van den Berghe
IT Systems Engineer, PSA Breakbulk
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Ready for a transformative access solution?

Empower security across every location.