Biometric access control made easy

Grant access to visitors, contractors and employees with high secure facial authentication. Physical access flows have never been this secure.

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High security

Protecting your valuable assets with physical access control was never this easy and secure. Our high secure 3D facial authentication scans make sure that only the right individuals get access.

Easy onboarding

Send digital access invitations to personnel, contractors and visitors. Upon data, picture and training completion, they receive biometric access credentials.

Privacy compliant

The NineID platform is build on the GDPR legislation. We have made sure that all processes are compliant with privacy regulations.

Easy integration with your existing access control system

There's no need for complex reconversions. You can easily integrate our readers with your existing access control platform. Experience the best access flows ever in the blink of an eye.

These companies already eliminated their waiting queues

Biometric access control was never this secure & easy. Discover our facial authentication solution.

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