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Manage legal risks

Proactive solutions for reactive scenarios.


Certification Clarity

Keep track of industry-specific certificates, ensuring regulatory adherence.

Safety Training Oversight

Stay on top of essential safety protocols. Know every visitor's safety training status, always.

Audit-Ready Access Logs

Gain a clear view with real-time and historic logs for astute decision-making and audit preparedness.

Cost-Effective Compliance

Efficiency that directly impacts the bottom line.


Audit Ready, Always

Say goodbye to the exhaustive last-minute audit preparations. Transform audit-readiness from a task to a constant state

Manage Docs the Digital Way

Embrace digital signatures and heighten security with an encrypted and centralised document management system.

Concrete Legal Evidence

Iron-clad records for every legal inspection: Featuring access logs, authenticated digital signatures, and time-stamped training completions.

Ready for a transformative access solution?

Empower security across every location.

Power Decisions with Insight

Decide with precision and foresight.


Operational Overview

View visitor, employee and contractor activity and access logs on a real-time dashboard.

Compliance overview

Generate reports on compliance-related data and information.

Seamless Audit Trail

Keep auditors informed and satisfied with detailed histories of time-marked training sessions, document archives, event and access logs, and every tweak to access permissions.

Empower Security Across Every Location

Ready for a transformative access solution?
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