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Fortified Premise Security

An elevated standard in protection.


Defend Against Threats

Proactively guard against both internal and external security challenges, reducing vulnerabilities.

Authenticate & Identify

Ensure only authorized personnel access designated areas, bolstering facility safety.

Safe User Onboarding

Effortlessly automate the provisioning process for new users, ensuring consistent security protocols.

Integration Made Effortless

Seamlessly Scale Across Multiple Locations


Hardware Synchronization

Guaranteed compatibility with your current infrastructure for an immediate security boost.

Adaptable Software

Smooth integration with your current systems, ensuring a unified security front.

Scale Across Sites

Easily extend controls across multiple sites or international offices, ensuring a consistent security posture.

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Empower security across every location.

Always be audit-ready

Meticulous Compliance Oversight

Use digital signatures to automate and optimise document collection.

Safety Training Oversight

Stay on top of essential safety protocols. Know every visitor's safety training status, always.

Real-time Access Logs

Gain a clear view with real-time and historic logs for astute decision-making and audit preparedness.

Manage Docs the Digital Way

Embrace digital signatures and heighten security with an encrypted and centralised document management system.

Empower Security Across Every Location

Ready for a transformative access solution?
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