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Raf Degens
CEO, Corda Campus

Europe's Dynamic Tech Hub

Corda Campus stands as Europe's premier technology campus, brimming with innovation, collaboration, and growth. As a hub for 250 companies and an impressive 5,000 personnel, the campus is alive with activity. From startups to multinational corporations, researchers to networking bodies, the campus serves as a crucible of ideas, experiences, and technological endeavors. With such a vibrant array of activities, the campus often becomes a nexus for countless visitors, particularly at the Corda Incubator, who are eager to engage with this dynamic environment.

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Streamlining the Visitor Experience

The primary challenge at Corda Campus is managing the sheer volume and frequency of visitors. The quest is to implement an efficient system that not only manages this flow but also enhances the visitor experience. The goal extends beyond simple access; it's about embodying the campus's core values of innovation, efficiency, and user-friendliness in every interaction. And all this while ensuring the technology is intuitive rather than intrusive.

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Adopting a Seamless Access System

Enter NineID, the solution that appears tailor-made for Corda's requirements. Embracing the principle that technology should facilitate rather than complicate, NineID offers an intuitive and user-centric solution. Visitors can pre-register with ease, providing all necessary details in advance. This proactive approach means that upon arrival at the bustling campus, their access is smooth, quick, and free from cumbersome protocols. The technology is not just about enabling entry but about reflecting Corda’s ethos of efficiency and innovation.

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Top-notch Visitor's journey

The transformation is clear. With NineID, visitor management at Corda Campus is not just about oversight but about enriching the visitor's experience from the very first interaction. Visitors, whether they are first-timers or regulars, can navigate the vibrant campus with ease, ensuring their time at Corda is focused more on the purpose of their visit and less on access procedures. The accolades extend beyond the solution itself; the team behind NineID is acknowledged for their exemplary service, affirming that Corda's selection is "top-notch from start to finish."

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