"The ideal solution to ensure the confidentiality of our classified documents."

Pascal Hermans
COO, Youston

European leader in archiving and digitisation

Youston NV holds its position as a European leader in archiving and digitization, serving over 4000 elite customers and managing 1500 kilometers of cutting-edge archiving space. Currently, the company is in the process of constructing a state-of-the-art archiving bunker. Dealing with strictly confidential documents, the core challenge is to maintain uncompromised safety while ensuring a superior user experience.

NineGuard - site access control invitation

Safeguarding Confidential Assets in a Digital Age

As a trailblazer in their field, Youston requires a sophisticated solution to safeguard the confidentiality of their valuable documents. The task is dual: to integrate top-tier security technology and to simultaneously enhance the user experience, making onboarding both swift and secure.

NineGuard - site access control onboarding

Deploying NineID's Advanced Access Control

In response to Youston's specific needs, NineID delivers a solution that balances stringent security with a streamlined user experience. The onboarding process is meticulously crafted – starting with a simple invitation, followed by an intuitive selfie registration process, and culminating in immediate access to the secure system. Youston is also reinforcing their premises with NineGuard® Nvision face recognition modules, ensuring that the internal security is as impregnable as the exterior defenses, which include fencing, surveillance, and strict internal policies.

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Mastering Security with Seamless Integration

The result is a seamless blend of robust security and user-focused design. NineID's solution not only strengthens Youston's extensive archiving space but also revolutionizes onboarding into a swift, seamless process. Pieter Vansynghel, CEO of Youston, sums up the success of the partnership, saying, “NineID® helps us protect the valuable assets of our clients." With their precious documents secured and the user experience elevated, Youston continues to lead the way in Europe's archiving and digitization industry.

NineGuard - site access control monitoring

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